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​​​A Note From The Board:

Dewey Classic Cruisers is a "not for profit family-oriented social club" founded in 1999 for the preservation and enjoyment of the automotive world is a broad term describing an organization consisting of members that have a shared interest.  This club allows people interested in the classic automobile to congregate and interact with one another.

Membership in Dewey Classic Cruisers is not automatic, one must complete and submit a membership application along with $20.00 to a member of the governing body (board member) if membership is granted that membership is valid for one year only and must be renewed each June thereafter.

While "the board" does try to include the entire membership in all activities, granting a membership does not automatically require that the board seek the approval of said member prior to scheduling or conducting board activities.  Board meetings have been and will continue to be held each month, with day and location to be determined.  If you are not a board member and are not invited to participate in a board meeting, please do not be offended.  Should any member of the board determine that a club member's attendance is required said member will be invited in a timely manner and advised of when, where, and what is expected.

June 2022 Board Member                                            Office                        

Bob McCutchan                                                                   Past President/ Trophy Chairman

Carol McCutchan                                                                           Recording Secretary

Larry Robertson                                                                                         Treasurer

Reita Robertson                                                              Show & Entertainment Chairwoman

​Jay Bulman                                                                                Facebook Member at Large

Dewey Classic Cruisers