History of the “Wild Orchid”
By Danny Martinez
Wild Orchid is a show car; however, its real purpose is twofold.

First, it was created to showcase the talents of Standley Brother's Hot Rods and the amazing staff at the Yuba City location.
When I acquired Wild Orchid, the car was in a very primitive state, nothing out of the ordinary.
Upon sharing my vision for this car, Standley Brother's put their talents to work and I saw my vision come to life as it began the transformation into the Wild Orchid.

The car is powered by a 350 Chevy motor mated to a 400-turbo transmission, complete with a Holley electronic fuel injection, internal distributor and ignition.
All the lighting for this magnificent car was provided by Auto gear of Marysville, The fine upholstery work done by Cool Customs of Yuba City and last but certainly not least, the stunning chrome wheels and classic white walls by Coker Tire.

Also, one of the most beautiful attributes of Wild Orchid, is the fact that it is a cancer awareness vehicle, dedicated with honor to my late wife Rita, her life and personal battle with cancer inspired my vision for this car.

The colors you see on Wild Orchid are all cancer related.

The deep purple is the color representing all cancers, over 200 in all. The white pinstripe represents lung cancer, the lavender pinstripe... seen inside the white pinstripe, represents the metastatic form of cancer, and the pink pinstripe is the color that represents breast cancer.

Rita suffered with three out of four of these cancers, passing away in October of 2016.

Rita never had a chance to view, suggest or share her ideas in the creation or transformation of Wild Orchid, all that you see is what I think Rita would have wanted.

Wild Orchid has gone on to win numerous awards, all the while I know Rita is honored, and looking upon those achievements with great pride.

I Sincerely hope you enjoy Wild Orchid as much as I love presenting her in Rita's honor. May her memory live on, bringing joy to people's hearts through Wild Orchid, as she did for me with her life.